Yarn Along:: Cracking the Wip

For this week’s Yarn Along:  I’m still reading and enjoying Coop, and I’m nearly finished with that secret knitting project I mentioned last week. Boring stuff, really. So let me tell you about what I’ve been watching and knitting: Downton Abbey and my Socktoberfest mystery socks.

I’ve pulled these socks out a couple of times this year, determined to finish them before I cast on a new pair. Trouble is, I’m not in love with the pattern anymore; it was very exciting back in October when the pattern was a mystery and I was knitting along with other people.  But then they got set aside for months, and I grew less interested. I powered through the foot of the first sock while away in February, only to discover that I didn’t really care for the finished sock. So rather than finish off the pair then and there, I put them away where they’ve consistently been passed over for new and exciting projects.

Then the other afternoon during PB’s nap time, I was sitting in the office and decided it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about over Downton Abbey. I loved Gosford Park, and always enjoy a good Jane Austen film adaptation (especially by the BBC), so it was a good guess I’d like this too. After sitting through the opening credits, hands idle in my lap, it was obvious some knitting was needed. I could swivel around in my office chair and grab something from my wip bin or get up and walk into the living room for a different project.

Sheer laziness drove me to pick up these socks again, and I will finish this them. The motivation this time is that a) they’ve been on the needles long enough and b) I have 2 installments of the Cookie A. sock club sitting around staring at me, and I’d like to cast one on already.  Keeping these socks on my desk seems to be working, as I’m already to the toe decreases!

And yes, I am really enjoying the series. It’s full of drama, fast-paced dialogue, unexpected tenderness, some romance and intrigue, and all the tension you’d expect from an upstairs-downstairs saga.  I’ve already managed to watch the first 3 episodes since Sunday!

What are you watching this week as you knit?