Button Enhancement

You may remember that I am on a mission to collect interesting buttons. It started with making neckwarmers that needed closures, and a desire to add something unique to simple pieces. My small button jar has done the job until now, but I have been wanting a little inspiration. I found some vintage buttons on … Continue reading Button Enhancement

Vintage Goodness

Last week I was on a vintage button-buying spree on Etsy, looking for interesting things to spruce up my crafting. I did a search for "vintage buttons" and many, many things turned up. It's a bit overwhelming to look through all the results, but when I filtered through I ended up finding two things that … Continue reading Vintage Goodness

A Good Mail Day

It hasn't been a particularly good hair day, but the mail? Yes, the mail was very good to me indeed. First there was a little something from the UK. Looking at the envelope, I couldn't imagine who would be sending me something from England. I have been doing a teensy bit of shopping on etsy, … Continue reading A Good Mail Day

Yarn Jewelry

Monday night some women from my Stitch 'n Bitch group spontaneously decided to get together for a stitch marker making party. We had a wonderful time thanks to Nancy and her vast collection of spectacular Swarovski crystal and handmade beads. There were literally hundreds of different colors and types of beads to choose from. I … Continue reading Yarn Jewelry