A Week of Crafts

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes!  We are saving the big celebration for this weekend, but I can say PB had a nice, simple birthday on Tuesday.  The best part of which was a little impromptu crafting.  More on that later…

First up this week is a little project having nothing to do with knitting.  Rachel and I had been talking about playing around with paint samples and on Monday decided to do it.  She and her hubby came over with food, and while we cut up tiny pieces of colored paper and munched on homemade egg rolls, he and Sweetie watched the game.  It was a lot of fun to play with scissors and glue!  My first inclination was to keep everything very orderly and methodical.  When that proved to be more frustration than fun, I mixed up all my shades and just randomly started gluing.  So fun!

Rachel's piece in progress


And mine.

I had some empty frames that were just begging for colorful art, and so I was able to display my work immediately.  Talk about instant gratification!  We have more than enough color cards leftover, and I can see myself employing this technique in a variety of ways.  Apparently there is a whole paint chip-crafting underworld to gain inspiration from.

The next day, Impromptu Craft Day, came about after I mentioned I was going to make a birthday crown for Peaceful Baby.  My friend Liz’s daughter has her 1st birthday next month, and so she decided to see what she could come up with as well.  Felt and embroidery floss is almost as fun as knitting.  And I don’t say that lightly!  As with knitting, is immensely satisfying to see a project take shape before your eyes.  It just seemed to happen so much faster with this project!

I’m still working on the finishing touches for my little lady’s crown, but I really like where it’s headed.  If you’re in the crown-making mood, I got some of my inspiration here and here.

What non-knitting crafts have you been inspired by lately?