One Long Weekend

Today is a quiet day of rest, recuperation, and reflection after a very long (but fun) weekend. I’m sitting here in what my mother-in-law refers to as “traveling togs”, and others call a leisure suit; whichever way you slice it, I’m comfy and loving it!

I spent the weekend participating in my first fiber festival as a vendor. Black Sheep Gathering is held each August in Eugene, OR and is a concentration of all things fibery: sheep, goats, fleece auctions, spinning circles, and a vendor marketplace. This is where the Stash booth was set up.

I feel like I ran a marathon after going through the work of list-making, packing, setup,being in the booth for 3 days, and packing up. I now understand on a much deeper level all the thought that goes into creating a successful booth, and give full-time show vendors a lot of credit. It’s not an easy gig, but once the doors open and you can literally feel people’s excitement, it is so worth it!


That said, Liz* and I had a lot of fun running the booth, meeting new friends and blog readers, and basically basking in the love of Our People. You know, when you’re in a room full of like-minded people who just understand It. What ever it is. It’s blissful and exciting and inspiring, and now I want to knit all the things I saw every knitter wearing. All of them!

But first, it’s time to  put my sore feet up, tune into a knitting podcast, and get to work on my Tidal cardigan.  Nothing pushes me into “finish” mode faster than wanting a clean slate for starting new projects!

*Liz is an amazing sewer and knitter!  Check out the buntings she made for the Stash booth:

Thanks Liz!  And thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hi.  You made it worth all the hard work!

Fun With Friends, Food & Fiber at the Fair

This weekend’s soggy weather was not deterrent enough for thousands of fair goers.  The need for fried junk food and fancy farm animals is strong, and Sweetie, myself, and a few friends ventured out in the mud and muck for a day of fun at the fair.

I was lucky that the group was easily entertained and had no problem lingering in the craft barn or looking at alpaca alongside me.

The needle art barn housed scores of handcrafted works of art, from these afghans to quilts, hand knit and crochet garments, needlepoint, embroidery, cross stitch, and this:

If you look closely at this picture you should take note of two things: 1. The male swimmer has chest hair, and 2. There is a fabulous sweater in the background, probably the finest knitting I saw there.

After a quick corn dog and pulled pork sandwich stop, we thought it the perfect time to go see some livestock.  There is an entire barn devoted to the worship of fiber beasts, and information throughout about these lovely animals and their fibers.  In the middle of the barn there is a large display of yarn, spinning wheels, and hand-knits, where we got to watch some spinning in action.  I was mainly entranced with the alpaca, though they seemed less than enthused by all the people up in their business.

After the fiber barn, we spent some time with the fancy chickens and rabbits, cruised through the farm museum, and generally enjoyed the atmosphere.  Along the way we ate fresh cut french fries, lime Rickey’s, Nutella crepes, fried dough, kettle corn, and a sampling of hot sauces.  It was a good day.

I will leave you with an image of one of the most unexpected things I saw all day, the kkk sheep.