W is for Warm, Wooly Wurm

Sometimes I knit because I'm captivated by the construction or techniques used in a pattern. Or because I feel I need to learn something new to stretch my skills a bit.  But mostly I knit because I've fallen for a yarn or I'm smitten with a pattern.  It's doubly wonderful when I'm really excited about the … Continue reading W is for Warm, Wooly Wurm

Bedrest Knitting

The Christmas holiday is officially over.  This can be proven by the lack of festive decorations, holiday music, cookies, and wrapping paper strewn about the house.  Also, family have returned to their respective homes, Sweetie is back at work, and PB and I are trying to get back into some sort of routine at home. … Continue reading Bedrest Knitting

The Progress is in the Process

I have been a very busy knitter and budding designer this past week!  Let me just get the first exciting bits out of the way...My first 2 patterns are up on Ravelry! Owl Cowl & Neckwarmer Ribbed For Your Warmth These are of the "quick & dirty" variety, but they are official.  I am waiting … Continue reading The Progress is in the Process