Day 26

Over the weekend my mom and sister threw us a baby shower!  A great collection of friends old and new turned out for the event to share in our celebration of the impending arrival.  Instead of traditional shower games (melted chocolate bars in diapers, anyone?) I thought it would be fun to set up a crafty activity and see what happened.  Fortunately my friends are all creative, fun people who dove right in!


The craft was painting onesies.  We gathered up some brushes, fabric paint, fabric markers and freezer paper for stencils and just watched what happened.  I jokingly said that participation was mandatory, but I think it was something most people were keen to try.  Everyone was so creative, adding personal touches to their work, like my college logo, a Superman insignia for Sweetie, and of course a cute sheep. I think Peaceful Baby is going to be one stylish, original kid!



After everyone left, we jumped in and started painting onto the leftover onesies as well.  It is super fun!  If you’re interested in trying freezer paper stencils, check out this website for a tutorial.  It would be a great way to refashion some clothes in your wardrobe, dress up a knitting bag, or personalize a gift.  There are still a couple of shirts left that need decorating…  Off I go!