Two Thumbs Up


Tosh Sock in Black Velvet

Recently I played copycat to someone else’s idea of knitting a Hitchhiker Shawl.  I had seen the pattern around, and admittedly I dismissed it as being “just” another garter stitch scarf.  But when Bells said she was knitting one, it sounded like just the sort of soothing, absent-minded knitting I needed at the time.  I chose a pretty skein of Madelinetosh sock from my stash and got to work.

What fun!  It starts out small with just a few stitches, and quickly grows into something resembling a dinosaur smile.  All those teeth!  This pattern works great for that skein of sock yarn that is either too special or two wild; you simply knit until you have 41 teeth or are nearly out of yarn.  For the longest time I was knitting along and the ball of yarn seemed to stay the exact same size.  Then one day I looked and it was just a little pile.  Time to cast off!  I finished it in the car on our way to the aquarium and wore it the rest of the day, dangling ends and all.

This is also one of those projects that seems so tempting to cast on another one immediately after finishing, just to have as a go-to simple knit.  And during last week’s knitting mojo drought, I was seriously tempted.  I’ve also been thinking about giving one of Martina Behm’s other patterns, Lintilla, a go.  More clever garter stitch!

Quincy, Quickly

I needed an instant gratification project.  All these summer socks and shawls are well and good, but they take time.  Plus, my hands needed a break from those small needles and skinny yarn.

Enter Quincy and Cascade 128 Bulky.

This hat is classic Jared Flood elegance and creative construction.  It knits up quickly with its garter stitch body, yet provides interesting tidbits of construction along the way with an i-cord edging, provisional cast on, and grafted seam.  Simple yet tasty, and very satisfying.

My gauge was a bit big; you can see my resulting modifications here.  As quirky as Quincy is, I am liking it more and more.  It was a pleasure to knit (quickly!), and is a soft, squishy hat that feels great on.