Summer Weekending

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer in Oregon for about two months now.  It was this warm promise that got me through the cold, wet days of winter and spring; I needed a dream that these things were only temporary, that the flowers would bloom and my skin would feel the warmth of the sun again.

Throughout June, I looked out the window every morning hoping to see clear blue skies and, more often than not, they were grey.  It was pleasant out for the most part, and things were growing and blooming and generally behaving like it was summer, but there was just something missing.  For me, summer hasn’t truly begun until you put on your swimming suit (and sunscreen), eat sugary popsicles, and spend entire days out side.

Well, I’m happy to say that summer arrived here in full force on July 1st, making for a wonderfully summery weekend.  We set aside small things like laundry and housekeeping to bask in the glory of long, warm days following the whims of our toddler and our taste buds.  And it’s still happening!  I hope you all had a nice weekend and, if you celebrate it, a fantastic 4th of July.


Don’t worry~ I spent plenty of time knitting, too…