Sweet Treats


Halloween morning found me wielding a glue gun on the floor of my office, quickly putting together PB’s Halloween costume.  I knew for a while that I wanted to utilize one of her granny-gifted tutu’s and make a butterfly costume, but had yet to implement my design ideas.  Funny how we wait for inspiration to strike, and then all of a sudden it’s a race to the finish!  I embellished this thrifted set of glittery pink butterfly wings with felt and rick-a-rack, then made some yarn- wrapped pipe cleaners for antennae.  I think it came together okay, and PB certainly looked sweet.

Turns out she really liked trick-or-treating around town, and had to pause to eat each piece of candy as it was collected.  Seeing as how she never really eats candy, we let her have her moments (and the resulting highs and lows).  A fun and sweet Halloween.

Wednesday Catch Up

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments on my last post.  We all have those days where things just prickle a bit, and usually by the next day it’s smoothed over.  Such was the case with Halloween 2010!  Peaceful Baby ended up with a cute costume (which, coincidentally, a friend in Indiana also got for her daughter!) and we had fun taking her to our town’s festivities over the weekend.  In the end, it was no big deal and certainly wasn’t worth fretting over like I did.

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My knitting needles have been working overtime, churning out little gifty things that I can’t show you just yet.  Trust me when I say there is something satisfying about starting and completing a project in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.  I’ve been swatching and plotting a sweater project for myself, but these quick knits are addictive, and I’m fully enjoying the thrill.  Last night I tried to knit on the mystery socks I tossed onto the back burner, but only got a few rows into the heel gusset before the need to cast on something small and fast won out.  After all, it’s getting colder every day, and Peaceful Baby needs a new hat…

This month marks the 3rd anniversary of Peaceful Knitter!  I can hardly believe that; in some ways it feels as if I’ve always been blogging, and in others like I have only just begun.  I want to celebrate this achievement and show my appreciation for my readers in a major way.  There are some prizes finding their way to me, and soon I will be announcing a contest or giveaway to share some of the love.  In the meantime, what little things have you knit that were satisfying and fast?  I would love to hear what your go-to patterns are.


On My Mind

So, I’m sitting here on the sofa, trying to enjoy some quiet knitting time while little PB is napping, and I can’t turn off the chatter in my brain.  Does this ever happen to you?  Sure it does.  We all have our ways of coping, and for me a standby way to shut down the chatter is to write a rant or make a list.  So here it goes.

The Rant

It’s almost Halloween and I don’t have a costume for PB.  It’s her first Halloween, and not one she’ll remember, and so I haven’t felt like worrying about it much.  I’ve gone to the shops and checked out a few options; there were even the daydreams back in August of what I might knit or craft for her.  But the truth is (and here I risk sounding like a Bad Mother) I just don’t care if she has a costume or not.

It turns out other people seem to care, as I get asked nearly every day what she’s going to be for Halloween. I feel this outside pressure to have a 1st Halloween Moment documented in photos, and the thought of not doing so makes me feel guilty.  I don’t know about other mothers, but I don’t need any encouragement in that department!

I bought this outfit thinking it was cute and could be worn for a couple of festive occasions leading up to and including Halloween.

Enjoying the jack-o-lanterns at our pumpkin-carving party

In the end, the maternal guilt got the better of me and I hustled off to Target to buy a costume.  And I still feel bad for not making her one.  Sigh.

The List

  • I haven’t touched my Mystery socks in a week.  I knew this was likely to happen, which is precisely why I decided to knit both socks at the same time.
  • Instead, I’ve been casting on and planning new projects like a mad woman.  Some are gifty surprises, and others are for me.  I bought yarn for the Climbing Vines Pullover, and am actually considering knitting it in pieces as written. I know.
  • A dear friend sent me a Rhinebeck Ravelry party goody bag this week, and it was a welcome surprise on a day I was feeling particularly alone in our new town.  It was full of little treats, including some dandy coupons that led me down the rabbit hole of online yarn shopping and project-planning.
  • I am thinking about holiday knitting.  Nothing grand, but a few little ornaments as gifts.  Check out these wee snowmen from Mochimochiland; I might make a million of them, they’re so cute!  Do you have any holiday knitting plans?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and, if it’s your thing, a festive Halloween!

Spiders and Skeletons and Candy, oh my!


This is one of my favorite holidays, not only because I love spooky, creepy decorations and scary movies, but because those little trick-or-treaters are just too precious!  Last year we handed out pencils and Play-Doh, this year I caved and bought some actual candy.  We’ll see which goes over better.  I like being a little bit different in general, and holidays are no exception!

This year’s decorating theme was Spiders & Skeletons.  Sweetie and I debated whether this was “Man Eating Spider” (like on Fear Factor) or a Man-eating spider (more like National Enquirer).  Looks like the spider won, don’t you think?

Have a safe and fun Halloween!