This Little Ziggy

After a recent trunk show at Stash, I was smitten with the Ziggy hat from PDXKnitterati. Lorajean of Knitted Wit had some small skeins of her polwarth silk blend wound up, and we got to pick and choose colors, which is always fun. I went with my standard color combo of purple and green, with … Continue reading This Little Ziggy

A November Miracle

Yesterday we all ventured out into the backyard during a now rare dry afternoon. I wanted to check on the orangeness of my sugar pumpkins (not much improvement) and snap some photos of PB in her new beret. Imagine our surprise and delight to discover these jewels: This is the Petite Beret from Vintage Knits … Continue reading A November Miracle

Quincy, Quickly

I needed an instant gratification project.  All these summer socks and shawls are well and good, but they take time.  Plus, my hands needed a break from those small needles and skinny yarn. Enter Quincy and Cascade 128 Bulky. This hat is classic Jared Flood elegance and creative construction.  It knits up quickly with its … Continue reading Quincy, Quickly

Ravelympic Rebellion

As the Olympics are winding down, so too is my enthusiasm for my Ravelympic knitting project. What started out as a fun, exciting way to participate in an international knit-along has turned into something that feels a lot like homework. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of a knit-along, or even the project I … Continue reading Ravelympic Rebellion