A Handmade Birthday

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes for Peaceful Baby!  I have one last bit of birthday to share with you, and then we will get back to all things yarny, I hope.

Since PB’s birthday follows on the heels of Christmas, I wanted to keep our gifts somewhat restrained.  What better way to do this than to try to make or buy handmade gifts?  My big effort was to knit her a birthday sweater; it was a test knit for a friend, so I can’t share that just yet.  Trust me though, it will be worth the wait!  For now, here’s the finished birthday crown I made:


This was a pleasure to make.  I love the idea of the birthday crown being something that will get pulled out year after year as PB grows up.  I especially enjoyed thinking up the little icons that represent some of my little one’s likes at this point in her life: a fish, a cat, a heart, and a clover.  It was a lot of fun stitching these onto the crown, and even had me contemplating the merits of embroidery as an additional needle art hobby.

Naturally, all this hand-work has its imperfections, and I was challenged to leave them be.  There was a moment where I ripped something out two or three times before giving myself a little talking-to: this doesn’t have to be perfect!  I don’t generally think of myself as a perfectionist, but there are moments when a part of me pushes a bit too forcefully in that direction, turning something fun into something stressful.  Once I reminded myself that this was something I was doing for fun and that there was no need for every stitch to be evenly spaced, I started having fun again.

Felt seems to have been a theme this year as the two gifts I purchased were also made from the stuff.  I had hoped to make a birthday bunting after being inspired by Kathy’s at While Tangerine Dreams.  Time ran out however, and I found myself looking on etsy for something someone else had already made.  I found this amazing cupcake banner that far exceeds anything I would have been able to piece together last-minute.


image from heartfelt handmade


How cute are those plump felt cupcakes?  Check out Heartfelt Handmade for more charming banners and whimsies.

And last but not least is this spunky doll from Crafty Mama Creations. PB has been gravitating toward baby dolls lately, and didn’t have one of her own yet.  So when I saw this blue-eyed babe with spunky golden pigtails, I was instantly reminded of PB.  The craftsmanship is exquisite, and I love the vibrant fabrics in all of the dolls.  Unfortunately, PB has not shared my enthusiasm and has barely touched the doll.  So for now she sits on the dresser, waiting to be noticed someday.  Good thing she makes me smile every time I walk past!