Off The Needles


Jeweled Cowl

Project details and mods here.


Chambord Pullover

 Project details and mods here.

Last week I finished two projects!

Both the Jeweled Cowl and Chambord Pullover were quick knits, in different ways.  With the cowl, that fresh spring green and the sparkly beads kept me wanting more.  It was definitely a “one more row” type of project.  This is a pattern I probably would not have gravitated toward on my own; I started it as part of a knit-along at Stash, and I’m so glad I did.  Beading with a teensy tiny crochet hook isn’t so awful, did you know that?

I chose to knit Chambord as part of the Stash and Burn group’s Use It or Lose It challenge.  This is a challenge meant to inspire us to use that deep stash yarn in concentrated periods (13 in 2013); if you don’t love it after trying to use it, you get to lose it.  I got excited to use a deeply stashed sweater quantity of Plymouth Tweed, and thus a sweater was knit.  I love the finished result, but the yarn wasn’t all that pleasant to work with.  I can appreciate a sheepy, rustic wool, but for sweater knitting I think I’ll stick to more smooth, plump yarns from now on.

In any case, that’s a ton of yarn out of the stash, and it feels really great to have these 2 project off the needles!

Here are some outtakes from my low-key impromptu play room photo shoot.  It was directed by PB, and she took all the photos of Chambord in this post.  Love!




Always the Knitting

Jeweled Cowl by Sachiko Uemura

Chambord sweater– onward to the sleeves!

Last week was long, strange, challenging, and insightful. In so many ways I felt inadequate, as if whatever I managed to accomplish wasn’t enough, and everything I didn’t get done was monumental.

Ever feel that way?

It’s not fun.

So, after a bit of a late-night pity party and cry fest with Sweetie, I am feeling strengthened and empowered to start saying No to things I’m not passionately excited about, and to move forward on some projects that have been on the back burner for too long. I think these two strategies will help me feel a bit more focused and a whole lot calmer.

Through it all, as always, I knit. I knit fast when I’m upset and talking a hundered miles an hour. I knit slowly when the day is winding down and I’m just trying to stay awake a few moments longer. I knit in short spurts at work to show someone the magic that is knititng with beads. And I knit quickly again during PB’s weekend naps, trying to sqeeze in just a few more rows before she wakes up.

Always the knitting.

Here’s to a new week, fresh starts, good friends, chocolate peanute butter cookies, and the promise of a new project to cast on very soon.

Because these two wips? They are in the home stretch!