Mommy & Me Hat

This was one of those perfect knitting projects; it’s as if the yarn and pattern were meant to be knit together.  The saturated cinnamon tones of the yarn and its buttery, lofty texture were heavenly to work with.  The hat pattern was straightforward with just enough going on to keep your interest. If I’m honest, I expected there to be a little more to the pattern, but more on that later.

I finished this up in time to present it to Sweetie for Mother’s Day, and am pleased to say she loved it.  So did PB, who promptly stole it and popped it on her head, hipster style.  I guess I’ll be using the leftovers to make her a matching hat!

  • Pattern: Windschief by Stephen West, size Large (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Becoming Art Agave Worsted in Cinnamon, about 1/2 skein
  • Needles: US 6 & 7
  • Mods: I decreased every row a little earlier than the pattern suggested.  This would have been slouchier, otherwise.

Two things I want to mention while I have you here:

  1. this yarn is incredible (click the link, buy the yarn!)
  2. this pattern seemed a bit pricey to me; I was expecting a little more innovation or complexity for $6.  This is not to say that the effect of twisted stitches with strategically placed increases and decreases isn’t dramatic and worthwhile.  And to be fair, you do get a hat and cowl pattern, but the cowl is just the hat without decreases, so…  Couldn’t I buy a complex sweater pattern for $6? Or one of Westknits’ other dynamic shawl patterns? After feeling a little duped by this pattern, I’m going to think very seriously before shelling out the big bucks for downloads.
Have a great weekend, my fellow stitchers!