Hello, Mojo: a Major KnittingUpdate

I think Miss Mojo is back, folks!

In a half-hearted attempt to win her back, I cast on a Shawl-Collared Cowl. Bulky yarn, big needles, ribbing and garter stitch: it seemed like an easy win, which is just what I needed. This pattern knits up quick and fairly simply, with great results.

The yarn, a hand-dyed merino, cashmere nylon blend from Knitted Wit was a bit of silky heaven to knit with.  I gifted this cowl to a dear friend, but not before wearing it for a few minutes myself.  It is just as soft and warm on the neck as you would imagine!

I was able to give this to a dear friend in person last week while on a business trip to Boston.  The last time we saw each other was at Sock Summit where we enabled each other into buying the yarn, buttons, and patterns for Catkin.  She has since started hers and upon a wee bit of urging I brough along my yarn and cast on while visiting.

I also limited myself to one project for the 5 hour flight to and from Boston: my Haleakala socks.  The second sock cuff had been on the needles for months, and after some focused attention I am now just past the heel turn.  The end is near, and not a moment too soon.  I blew out two sock heels this winter!

During the conference I mainly knit on my Goodale. With its stockinette body and icord edging, it’s the perfect project for stitching while listening and taking notes. I just separated for the sleeves and anticipate the rest of the knitting going along fairly quickly.  Can’t wait to wear this over a flouncy spring dress!

Of course, with all of these projects on the needles, I’m also looking at Stash’s spring shawl knitalong which starts tomorrow.  I’ve decided on the Dancette Shawl but am still vacillating on color combos.  I want light and springy, and colors different from everything else on my needles.  Grassy green and bubble gum pink are two main color options right now, still looking for contrast colors!

In addition to catching up with an old friend and knitting my fingers off in Boston, I was also able to meet a new one!  Well, it almost felt as if I was talking with an old friend, as Katie and I have been reading each other’s blogs for a while now.  Meeting a blog friend in person is always a daunting experience, but has always been worth the butterflies in the stomach feelings for me.  This time was no exception.  Katie and I took advantage of the early spring sunshine to take a walk and eat some sweet treats, all while catching up on our lives, current reads, and a bit of knitting.  So nice to meet you in person, Katie! And yes, I wanted to start reading Catching Fire as soon as I finished Hunger Games. : )

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for hanging in there!  I’ve been missing this space and think about posting often; sometimes it’s just not possible.  So a mega-update is what it takes to get us all caught up and back on track.