Sweetness and Light

I am in love with Malabrigo. It is everything good and pure about yarn: soft, pliable, beautiful in color and texture, it smells good (yes, I’m a yarn sniffer), it feels good to knit, and it blocks well. I’ve gone from their lace weight to a fluffy worsted weight this week, and am fully satisfied yet sad that my project has been completed.


Using size 8 needles, I cast on 70 stitches and worked a K4 P3 cable rib about 7 inches before beginning the decreases. Easy and beautiful.

I was concerned about the size; I had to give it a good stretch just to fit around my head, and even then it wasn’t comfortable. But then my friend Eden (who also loves the Malabrigo) gave me the simplest of suggestions: block it. It had honestly never occurred to me to block a hat! She said to just stretch it over a bowl (making sure the bowl fit over your head first). So last night, while most people were probably watching the Superbowl, I could be seen trying on all the mixing bowls in my cupboard! I got the hat wet, and stretched it over a bowl, then inverted it into a larger bowl to keep the hat in place. It was too dark to get a good pic, but trust me: it works well. This morning the hat was nice and dry, just in time to ship to my sister for her birthday.

Wait a second, that mirror is dirty and the flash is on!


Much better! Only now I can see that perhaps I should have started with a ribbed edge to provide a little more structure and finish. Good thing I have enough yarn leftover to make another…