Today I am:

♥ feeling inspired by all the mothers in my life, from my own who is about to embark on a great and spontaneous adventure to India for a family wedding; my sister who recently welcomed her second babe and is gracefully navigating all the change that brings; a dear friend who is now a mama to four children; mama bloggers like Amanda and Ginny , Kathy and Jean, who remind me to take pleasure in the work of everyday things, make time for craft, and to really see my child as she is right now.

♥ a bit overwhelmed with some potential life-changing decisions.  Something big is brewing, and while I’m excited and optimistic, a dark cloud of doubt has moved overhead, causing me to question everything.  How do you know when the time is right to make a big change in family, work, or lifestyle?  I’m trying to trust my heart and intuition, but they can be hard to hear over the noise of self-doubt.

♥ planning for summer. There’s so much I’d like to accomplish this summer that I’m in danger of letting it pass me by entirely.  Reminder to self: make sure to spend plenty of days barefoot, splashing, blowing bubbles, eating strawberries straight from the patch, and just being summer.

♥ challenged to create satisfying, tasty vegetarian meals.  I haven’t had any meat since March’s vegan challenge, and I feel great.  But I’m still learning the art of creating meals that feel whole, as opposed to a collection of disparate side dishes and salads.  Thankfully, the summer market and my garden are providing great inspiration, but each week the grocery shopping and meal planning feels like a chore.  I long to be excited about those tasks again.

♥ excited to have made it into the homestretch of my lace shawl.  It’s going to be beautiful!  I am so pleased to have retrieved it from the dark corners of my hope chest.

Oftentimes writing what’s on my mind is such a relief!  It can lighten the load a bit, breathe some air into stagnant thoughts, brighten my mood, and bring me new energy. What is on your mind today?