The garden is growing.


Sweet bunting in The Fibre Co. Acadia


Lobelia in Anzula Cloud

And so is my knititng.





But most of all, this summer my little girl is growing.  She’s made that indescribable crossing from toddler to small child, and there’s every indication she’ll just keep going from here.  She’s a joker, an artist, a storyteller, and a joyful liver of life.

The way she is lives so fully in the present is truly teaching me what it means to live in the moment.  I am reminded to give her my best as often as I can.  The rest of it: the laundry, the crumbs on the counter, even the running of my business, can just wait a minute.  Because who would want to miss that look?  Not me.

On the Needles

I have a few things on the needles right now, none of which is seeing much action.  I’m having my semi-annual bout with knitter’s thumb, and it’s a drag.  I’ve been resting my hands this week, knitting a row here and there to test the waters.

Fiar :: I’m modifying this stripey cowl to use 5 shades from a gradient kit I bought from Black Trillium at Vogue Knitting Live.  It’s a bit of an informal KAL with Erin who happened to buy the exact same color! I’m almost halfway done, and I suspect Erin, a super-speedy knitter, isn’t far behind…

Lobelia :: I cast this on at the beginning of last month for another informal KAL with Liz in honor of our new magazine crush, Pom Pom Quarterly.  I got distracted by all my new yarn from VKL (even though the red yarn was also new) and it’s been sitting ever since.  I’m planning on picking it back up once my thumb is happy again, just in time for the Anzula CKAL at Stash.

So what’s on your needles this weekend?

p.s. Both of these photos are from my Instagram.  I’m pretty IG-obsessed these days. You can follow me here if you like.

Ennui :: On the Needles


Lobelia Cardigan in Anzula Cloud, from the lovely new Pom Pom Quarterly (all available at Stash, of course!)


Usually after I finish a project, I can’t wait to cast on for something New. In fact, my fingers have likely been itching to feel new yarn, and my brain daydreaming of new patterns since the finish line came into view on that last project.

But not this time. Sure, I looked at patterns and tried to get excited about something. I even cast on for a new cardigan with Liz, but only knit 2 rows on it in over a week. This was bound to happen; it seems my annual bout with knitting ennui has arrived. Not to worry: I know this will pass. Instead, I’m using this freed up mental space to daydream of planting a garden and decorating our home. Hello, Pinterest!

I was off work this past week, and so far the free time has been spent cleaning out closets and facing those boxes and piles of things we shoved away for “later” when we moved in last August. I actually found a box of empty boxes taking up valuable space in out guest room/office closet. Ridiculous!  Like an airing of the stash, it also feels very good to air out a closet or two, de-clutter a bit, a treat myself to a trip to the office supply store.

Who knows, next week I could be obsessively knitting again!

What projects outside of playing with yarn have your attention right now?