Ishbel the Grape

Ishbel is finished!  I had enough yarn! I bound off the last of the stitches on Monday night, just before the season premiere of House, and put her in the sink to soak.  After a while, I pinned the shawl out on my yoga mat (a little narrow for this project) on commercial breaks.  It … Continue reading Ishbel the Grape

Early Bird Gets the Mojo

The Early Bird paid a visit to our house this morning, and as a result we had homemade zucchini bread in our bellies by 8:30 am.  I've been wanting to bake up a batch of this kind of goodness since Saturday when we visited a friend's farm stand.  Because of all the rain we've had … Continue reading Early Bird Gets the Mojo

Yarn in a Box

My mailbox has been bustling with wonderful boxes full of goodies.  One is something I won on a blog giveaway, the other a gift from a friend halfway around the world.  I tell, you there's nothing like receiving a box of special treats; I plan on sending out some care packages in the very near … Continue reading Yarn in a Box