Home Sewn

One of my favorite pit stops on the journey to Home is decorating.  I love rearranging furniture, hanging artwork, creating soft goods, and moving accessories in and out of a room until everything feels right.  Finishing a room is an intangible moment, and only I know when it has arrived; and really, it’s never finished, just complete for now.  Part of the process inevitably involves me making, painting, or repurposing something for the room; each space needs that touch of handwork or whimsy, I believe.

Last week Sweetie had a bit of a backward work schedule, which meant she was home in the mornings and worked later into the evenings.  This meant that while she spent time with PB, I took some glorious uninterrupted time to catch up on a few projects I had been dreaming up.  The crafting wish list is long, so I prioritized and chose the most needed project: curtains for PB’s room.


{Fabric is Tweet Tweet by Keiki for moda}

I improvised these curtains, basing my “pattern” on a crude sketch and what I see on my store-bought living room curtains for finishing ideas.  Armed with the window measurements and the idea that I wanted two contrasting fabrics and a fun trim, I headed to the fabric store.  15 minutes later, I was on my way home with several yards of patterned fabric, muslin for a lining, and a whole lot of red rick-a-rack.  My cutting area was a little crude (the hallway), my sewing very slow, and I am thrilled with how they turned out.

These curtains are far from perfect, but that’s what makes them special.  Instead of perfectly straights seams and pointy corners, they contain my love, effort, and hand stitched rick-a-rack, details my daughter may not notice now, but which will serve her well for years to come.  They also came out a hair short, but that’s what the rings are for!  I think she likes them so far.  It’s hard to tell, because she also gets very excited about kitties.

My next home sewing project?  Pillow covers for the living room…