In the Closet

Well hello, there.  Sorry for the disappearing act there.  We’ve been packing, moving, and unpacking these past 2 weeks, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how busy that is.  I took a step back from the computer and while I enjoyed the break to a certain degree, I’ve also been itching to get back to this space.

There’s almost oo much to catch up on, so I think for now I’ll just say this:  I have a lot of handknits.  The truth of the matter was discovered while I was packing up our hall closet, the one where we keep our winter coats and woolens.  I had a hanging closet organizer in there just full of handknit hats, scarves, shawls, gloves, neckwarmers… you get the idea.

And then I packed my sweaters.  And my shawls.  And unpacked my stash at the new place.  Oh my.  There’s so much to knit and wear, I hardly know where to begin!  I’m thinking the works-in-progress basket is a good place to start.  There’s only 2 shawls, 2 sweaters, and a pair of socks in there. ; )

Happy Friday!

It’s All New to Me

Slowly but surely we are getting our bearings in this new home of ours.  There is a bit of the expected chaos, plenty of exploring our new community, and lots of breaks for playing with PB and trying out some of the new and yummy food options in town.  While I am enjoying all of the newness, it is starting to blur a little bit.  Too much new information can make me feel overloaded and unfocused, and I am dangerously close to that point right now.

I think a few more days of unpacking and nesting is what I need to start to feel more anchored.  I look forward to finding my way into a new routine, one that enables me the time to get back into blogging regularly.  The break has been good, but I have missed this!  So please hang in there and trust that I’ll be back knitting, taking photos, and writing about all the New very soon.  Until then, here are some lovely shots from our trip to the Oregon Coast over the weekend.

Cape Perpetua



Mish Mash

Oh my.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  I have been wanting to blog, wanting to take photos of the great new places and things I’ve been seeing, but I’m just feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed.  But, there is a tug back to this space, a feeling that I should give you a little update as to the status of things in Peaceful Family-land.

Southern Idaho


  • We are in Oregon, staying with my darling sister-in-law while we wait for our POD to arrive.
  • The POD will arrive one week after us, which means that while we have made it to Oregon, we are neither in the actual town or house we will be living in.  This is strange, and feels more like a vacation than a move.
  • While staying with my sister last week, I awoke to the sound of cats fighting.  I got up, turned on the light, and found one of my cats hanging upside-down by his nub tail, dangling from the blind cord.  When I picked him up and set him on the windowsill, he turned and chomped on my finger.  The cord had apparently looped over his tail while he was sitting in the window, and when he jumped down it hung him out to dry.  I’m so glad it wasn’t around his neck and that he is okay.
  • I have been knitting when I can, stitching away on Sweetie’s Crazy Zauberball socks.
  • Knitting after being bitten by your cat is hard, even if he only bit your pinky.
  • Knit a little, see how much you use your pinky.  I bet it’s more than you thought.
  • I have been reading The Passage, a book I first heard about from Lolly in one of her great book reviews.  The story is rich and sad and scary; I can’t put it down!
  • It’s cool and rainy here, which means I feel like curling up with some tea, my book, and knitting the day away.  Time to find the LYS!
  • I hope you are all well.  I have been reading blogs and perusing Ravelry when I can, keeping up with what’s new in the knitting world.  I look forward to getting settled in to my new life and sharing some of it with all of you.  Until then, knit on and be well!

Tag Sale Hoopla

In keeping with my decision to reduce our belongings by 50%, we had a tag sale over the weekend.  Leading up to this day there has been much sorting through of belongings, discussions about which furniture pieces to keep, ads placed in the paper and on Craigslist, and moving lots of stuff.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it; our stuff found new homes, and we made some cash!

The early birds started showing up around 6:30 am, despite the our advert stating the sale would start at 8.  Those guys were serious, kind of pushy, and all seemed to know each other.  Someone even just walked into our house while we were making trips in and out with sale items.  Ew.  Fortunately, that did not set the tome of the day.  I had a great time!  I’m one of those rare people who actually likes hosting these things.  Choose your term: I’ve had yard, garage, tag, stoop, rummage, and moving sales before nearly every move.   This was by far my most successful attempt, due to what I call the three prong approach: print, internet, and telephone pole advertising.  We must have had over 100 people come by, and by the end of the day nearly everything was gone.  What didn’t sell went to Goodwill or up for sale on Craigslist.


Now that we have cleared out a lot of furniture and started packing our remaining stuff, this move seems more real than ever. We’re starting to say goodbye to friends and favorite places, fitting in as many things as possible before leaving (2 weeks from today…gulp!).  Time to start thinking about the important things, like what knitting projects to pack for the cross-country trip!

This is the Month

It has begun.  The packing, organizing, and general stressing indicative of an impending move.  We’ve seen it coming down the road all summer, but chosen to delay its arrival for as long as possible.  Sweetie and I agreed early on that we wanted to try to preserve the spirit of summer, postponing the real down and dirty details until August.

So here we are, dudes.  We’ve taken a healthy bite out of August, and the fact that there is a veritable shit-ton of work to be done is no longer deniable.  The boxes are out, the stuff is spread far and wide, and after just a few days of it I’m ready to be done.  It’s hard to live among boxes and piles and To Do lists with a deadline hanging over my head.

Good thing we went on vacation last week!  It was so good to get out of town, reconnect with each other, and have some big fun.  Because as much as we were trying to have a normal summer, the worries of moving had crept in around the edges.  Leaving town and playing around allowed me the mental space to start to feel excited about moving and starting over, rather than anxious.  I began imagining the adventures we’ll have in Oregon, and all the new friends and places we’ll meet.  This transition will undoubtedly be challenging and messy at times, but ultimatly for the best.

This week was full of playing with a newly mobile Peaceful Baby, sorting through stuff and making piles (keep, trash, tag sale, donate), cooking from the pantry & farm stand, running errands, then settling in for some serious knitting and movie-watching in the evenings.  In the midst of great change, we still try to enjoy daily life as much as possible.

How do you cope with big changes?

Moving: One Big Work in Progress

Yesterday I had a complete moving-induced anxiety-ridden breakdown. There were boxes everywhere, I couldn’t gain momentum with any project I started, and this whole moving endeavor was just overwhelming me. At one point I cut my finger on a piece of cardboard (much more painful than a paper cut!) and was gushing blood all over myself. I went into the bathroom to get a bandage only to discover that I had already packed them! When I went to the bathroom stuff box, this is what I saw:

I nearly lost it. Needless to say, I couldn’t unearth them and had to make do with a ratty piece of paper towel until the blood letting stopped.

So, I whimpered around the house for a little bit, picked up my knitting, went for a walk, and felt somewhat better. But I didn’t pack anything else for the rest of the day.

I think Big Martha is starting to feel the stress, too. This is the office, a room where I spend a lot of time, and thus she too spends a lot of time there, napping at my feet. But now that I have it filled with boxes, she is having a hard time relaxing.

I did manage to pack up all my knitting books, then threw some yarn on top and sealed it up. I immediately started to feel anxious, like suddenly all those potential projects and ideas were forever inaccessible to me. I know that they’re only there temporarily, and besides, there’s always Ravelry. Such a good distraction!

Which brings me to today. I am feeling motivated to pack up the kitchen. I must seize this feeling before it passes! So my strategy is this: for 15 minutes each hour, I can get online, knit, make phone calls, or anything else to help myself relax. When this time is up, I must get back to work. And to help the work along, I will listen to knitting podcasts. Today it’s Lime ‘n Violet and It’s A Purl, Man. I have already completed one cycle and accomplished quite a bit:

Now it’s time to get back in there and “do work” as Rob & Big say…

p.s. I tried on my Lelah top last night and–drumroll, please–it fits! More on why that is so astounding later…