I have been wanting to knit with this yarn for ages. Thick, lofty, soft as soft can be, it's the perfect antidote to the winter knitting doldrums. It comes in a range of beautiful colors, as all Malabrigo is known to do. In a strange twist, I was drawn to a color unceremoniously called 'Natural'. … Continue reading Hush…


Craft Fair Rundown

I spent Friday morning making the final preparations for the craft fair on Saturday.  I packed my largest suitcase full of supplies: baskets, label maker, Styrofoam heads (with custom stands crafted by Sweetie), tape, scissors, a knitting wip, bags, tissue paper, and more.  In my car I had a table, some camp chairs, an orange … Continue reading Craft Fair Rundown

Blue Ribbon Bangs

Look mom, I got bangs! With the new season in full swing, I decided that I needed a new look, too.  Bangs are fun; they give your face a whole new appearance, and you can style them according to whim.  Here they are seen full frontal, while yesterday I wore them in a side swipe.  … Continue reading Blue Ribbon Bangs