Yarn Along:: Shopping the Stash

I’m joining Ginny at Small Things for another Yarn Along, sharing my knitting and reading pleasures.

This week’s book seems to fit right in with my goal of knitting from stash. The plan was to work my way through the cotton blends I bought last spring and summer, and so far I’m doing just that. On Sunday I cast on for the Little Sister Dress and have been knitting on it here and there. There’s a lot more purling than I realized; glancing at the pattern photo, I assumed it was a garter stitch bodice. The colors in this yarn are fresh and watery, and even though it’s 100% cotton it’s pretty nice to knit with. My left hand does start to ache after a few rows, so I’m trying to knit on it in small bits to avoid getting knitter’s thumb again.

Anyway, back to the book. Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping was an impulse get at the library. I was looking for vegetarian cookbooks when this caught my eye. In it, Levine shares her experience as she gives up all “non-essential” purchasing for an entire year.  She even forgoes entertainment like movies and concerts which I certainly see as essential. I’m still in the first half of the book, but so far it’s a pretty interesting read as the author combines her personal narrative with facts about economics, consumer emulation, and the psychology behind why we buy what we buy. Reading this book certainly gets me thinking, and that’s always a good thing.

What are you stitching or reading this week?