Day 10

This is a pattern I acquired somewhere along the way in my knitting life.  I think I got the printout in a stash swap last winter, but I can’t be sure.  Regardless of where it came from, I’m glad that it made it into my queue of projects.  As a quick, stash-busting accessory, these handwarmers can’t be beat.  I knit these up in an hour or so each.


  • Pattern: Waffle Stitch Fingerless Gloves by Jill Toporkiewicz (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Amaroso, about 50 yards
  • Needles: US Size 7/4.5mm
  • Mods: None.  Next time I might try knitting them in the round so that I can make a thumb and avoid seaming!


This yarn had already been knit into a finished object once.  Then, after I had never worn the neckwarmer, I decided to frog it for the yarn.  Malabrigo is too lovely a yarn to let sit in a stagnant finished object!  I think I’ll get much more use out of these handwarmers, and I still have plenty of yarn left to see about a matching hat.


Why is it that when I use the self timer on my camera, it insists on focusing on the background instead of the lovely knitting?!

Ishbel the Grape

Ishbel is finished!  I had enough yarn!


I bound off the last of the stitches on Monday night, just before the season premiere of House, and put her in the sink to soak.  After a while, I pinned the shawl out on my yoga mat (a little narrow for this project) on commercial breaks.  It was dry by the next morning!


  • Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague, size Large (see my Ravelry project page here)

  • Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in color 853; 1 skein or about 440 yards

  • Needles: US size 6/4 mm Addi Turbo Lace needles

  • Mods: None.

This project was everything I had hoped it would be the second time around.  I wanted a darker, more moody colorway.  Check.  I wanted it to be larger than the first version so it would stay put when worn as a scarf.  Check.  And I wanted to get it all done with one skein of great yarn.  Check.


The Malabrigo sock yarn was a dream to knit with.  The color variation is subtle yet saturated, moving from deep indigo to grapey purples and everything in between.  All without stripes or pooling colors showing up in the final product.  It is soft and sturdy too, which means it should work great for socks as many knitters have already reported.  I have another skein in chocolate brown that hasn’t decided what it wants to be when it grows up yet.

Turns out taking self-timed photos of yourself wearing a shawl is pretty tough.  First all I got was a picture of my butt.  Next it was more shawl and less butt, but it was out of focus.  Finally I got something that wasn’t too blurry or butty (helped along with a little cropping, of course).  Here it is:


Oh, I’m just in love with this!  Not only do I want to knit more lace shawls immediately, I want to go out and buy a new, more neutral coat to show off my hand-knits this winter.  Is that so wrong?

Poof! A Finished Object

A couple of weeks ago I was taking my morning shower when I noticed the pathetic and disgusting state of my nylon bath puff.  It was coming undone and had long, floppy appendages of droopy mesh that I had to scrunch up in my hand when I wanted to use it.  And there was a suspicious patch of darkness spreading from the center where the cord was attached.  Time to say goodbye.

Instead of buying a new one, i decided I would try to knit a replacement from my cotton stash.  NutmegKnitter was kind enough to lend me her copy of One Skein which contains a dead simple pattern: knit a tube, knit some i-cord, combine.  I made it even easier on myself by knitting it using Magic Loop instead of on double-pointed needles and omitting the 19-inch i-cord.

  • 100_4161

  • Pattern: Knitted Bath Puffy by Leigh Radford from One Skein (rav here)

  • Yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream in Landscape, 1 skein/120 yards

  • Needles: US 10.5 circular

  • Mods: I knit this in the round using magic loop. I knit until I only had a couple of yards left & cast off. Then I put the tail on a tapestry needle, folded the piece as directed in the pattern, and ran the yarn through the center. Then I turned the piece into a circular shape and wrapped the tails around and around the outside, using the remaining ends as a hanging loop. no i-cord needed!

This took a little bit longer for me to knit than I had anticipated, and I have been showering poofless for about 2 weeks.  Those beaded socks may have had something to do with it, I suppose.  In any case,  I am eagerly anticipating our first rendezvous this morning…

Come here, poof.  I’ve got plans for us.


Owl Cowl & Neckwarmer

Introducing 2 free patterns!  And it’s already on Ravelry, so queue it up!

This simple stitch pattern can be worked flat or in the round to create 2 different pieces.  It uses less than one skein of Malabrigo and knits up fast.

grapevine-cowl3 (yarn shown: Naturally Handknit Me by Nashua)

Malabrigo Merino Worsted, 1 skein or 110 yards of any worsted weight yarn
Size 8 needles (16-inch circular for cowl pattern)
1 stitch marker
Tapestry needle
3 buttons no more than 1-inch in diameter for neckwarmer pattern

Finished Measurements:
Neckwarmer:  5 inches wide 26 inches long after blocking
Cowl:  5 ½ inches tall, 24 inch circumference after blocking

CO—Cast on
Yo—yarn over; bring yarn to the front of your work
Sl1—slip one stitch as if to knit
Psso—pass slipped stitch over the knit stitch
BO—bind off

This stitch pattern is a simple 4-row repeat.  You can easily adjust the circumference or height of your piece by adding or subtracting stitches as stated for each pattern.  Similarly, these patterns can be adjusted to work with just about any yarn by changing needle sizes and amount of stitches cast on.  Use your favorite yarn and have fun!

Multiple of 7 + 2 stitches

orange-owl (Malabrigo merino worsted)

Using the Long Tail cast on, CO 135 stitches.

Row 1:  K2 * P5, K2 * repeat from * to last 2 sts, K2
Row 2: P2 * K2tog, yo, K1, yo, sl1, K1, psso, P2 * repeat from * to last 2 sts, P2
Row 3: same as row 1
Row 4: P2 * K5, P2 * repeat from * to last 2 sts, P2

Repeat rows 1 thru 4 until piece measures 4 ½ inches from CO edge, or until desired width, ending with row 4.  Bind off loosely in pattern.  Weave in ends.  Gently block to open up the eyelet details.  Position buttons vertically on the right side of the fabric in the purl fields, every other eyelet hole.  The eyelets will become the buttonholes; place the buttons so the neckwarmer will fit you as snugly or loosely as you care for.


Multiple of 7 stitches

owl-cowl (Valley Yarns Sugarloaf)

Using the Long tail cast on and circular needles, CO 126 stitches.

Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist your stitches.  Place a stitch marker here to indicate the beginning of the round.

Row 1: P2 * K5, P2 * repeat from * to last 5 stitches, K5
Row 2: same as row 1
Row 3: P2 * K2tog, yo, K1, yo, sl1, K1, psso* rep to marker
Row 4: same as row 1

Repeat rows 1 thru 4 until piece measures 4 inches from CO edge, or until desired width, ending with row 4.  Bind off loosely in pattern.  Weave in ends.  Gently block to open up the eyelet details.


I hope you enjoy these patterns.  As always, please let me know if you come across anything that is unclear and I will correct it as soon as possible.