Orange you glad I didn’t say “Knock-knock”?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad to know there are spoiler pictures of the TTL Mystery Sock in this post?

It’s all about Orange at Peaceful House this week.  Orange is a color I generally enjoy in all its shades, from punchy and cheerful to somber and warm.  This is the time of year where orange typically gets the most play via Halloween decorations, fresh pumpkins and gourds, candy corn, football team uniforms, and the changing leaves.  Is it any wonder I have been planning on knitting orange socks in October since I purchased this yarn last spring?

My mystery sock knitting is moving along according to schedule.  I started out uncharacteristically by knitting a gauge swatch.  I know, I know. I rarely knit a gauge swatch, and have never done one for socks.  But I figured since I knew nothing about the pattern or its resulting fabric, I would have to trust the designer and go with the recommended gauge.  After knitting up said swatch I noticed that my usual sock needles (US 1/2.5mm Addi Lace circs) were on the small side, so I went up a size.

When the first clue came out last week (on Thursday night at 9pm for me thanks to Pacific Time), I cast on with glee (not the show, but the feeling); (have I used to many parenthesis in this sentence?).  After fiddling with a cable needle and my dpns I decided things would be much easier if I knit these socks Magic Loop style, but I did not have the right size needles.  It turned out huge!  And the cable definition wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

After thinking it over all weekend, I finally decided to pour over the spoiler pics in the TTL Ravelry group to see what other people’s cuffs looked like.  It was just as I suspected: they looked perky and squishy at the same time, just like a good sock cuff should.

I decided to take the end from the outside of my center-pull ball and knit a second cuff on my beloved size 1 Addi Lace needles.  You know, just to compare and see if one needle size really made that much of a difference.  And I ditched the cable needle in favor of crossing the stitches like this*.  So much better!  I ripped out the first cuff and re-knit it on size 1 dpns.  Now all I need to do is decide if I should be knitting both socks on the same type of needle. This would mean either going out and buying a second set of dpns or circular needles, or switching the cuffs on and off my circulars to knit.  Looks like I forgot to take a photo of the two sizes side by side, but here are the two smaller cuffs, one on dpns and one on a circular.

The second clue came out last night.  I took a peek before bed, but decided not to start in on it.  There’s a textured stitch and then some great cables, something I tend to avoid on socks.  I suppose that’s a bit of why I’m attempting this mysterious pattern: to push myself beyond the limits of my knitting complacency.

Looks like I’ll be busy knitting up the first leg this weekend!  What are your weekend knitting plans?


*Right Twist: Knit 2 sts together, leave both sts on left needle; knit 1st st, slipping both sts off left needle
Left Twist: Knit 2nd st tbl, leave on left needle; knit 1st st as normal, slipping both sts off left needle