Peas and Happiness






The day we planted the pea seeds was fun.
Waiting and watching for the first sign that they were about to poke through the carefully raked soil was sweet anticipation.
Watching their tender green leaves struggle up through the soil and reaching out to the sun was exciting.
Leaving for 10 days and coming home to really big pea plants with blossoms was a thrilling surprise.

My first pea harvest is a moment to mark on the calendars, people. This is the first time I’ve had a real garden space, so picking a vegetable that grew from a seed in my own backyard is beyond thrilling.

Just this morning PB and I were strolling through the garden beds checking on things, as you do. One moment she was by my side, the next she was standing by the pea plants munching on a snap pea. I love it!

How does your garden grow on this Monday?