Summer’s Last Knit

So far this week I’ve been able to stay on task and have been making a little progress on one of my wips.  I started Petrie at the beginning of June, thinking it would be a speedy and straightforward summer knit.  There was this whole daydream where I wore my stylish knit top to places like the farmer’s market, beach, and backyard bbq’s.  So far the only place this top has been is my house, the pool, and this week the movie theater.  All while still on the needles.

This top is entirely stockinette stitch, so I decided to knit it in the round to make it as quick to knit as possible.  The trouble with stockinette in the round, as you may well know is this: it is Boring.  Some days it’s soothing, or perfect for keeping hands busy while attentions are focused elsewhere.  But it is overwhelmingly boring, which explains why I have strayed from this project so often.

I spotted the first blushes of fall on a neighbor’s maple tree yesterday.

It’s time to finish my summer knitting so I can squarely face some luscious fall knits.

And then there’s this tempting me as well, a little going away gift from my good friend Striped Socks:

I’m in serious trouble!