Lately I’ve been trying to create a little more quiet in my days.  Time spent without talking, listening to music or podcasts, no television, and no visual noise from the internet.

This can be hard in the busy, plugged-in screen-watching world we’re living in these days, but I find it extremely peaceful.  It’s during these quiet moments that we have room to breathe, dream, and truly relax.

Hamamelis shawl in-progress

Here’s how I’m trying to make room for quiet time in my days:

During the day I try not to turn on the television; sometimes I let PB watch Sesame Street so I can get a head start on dinner, but not every day.  She’s just as happy sitting on the floor with a pile of books.

I spend plenty of time at the computer while PB naps, so when she’s awake I shut it off.

I think it’s important to spend a portion of every day outside, even if it’s just a few minutes between downpours to stroll to the mailbox.  It’s especially nice during our walks to the park or backyard play time to just listen to the sounds of the neighborhood.  PB has noticed the buzzing of bees, chirping of birds, the hum of a distant airplane, the rumble of a garbage truck.  And now she even makes her own version of these sounds vocally or via sign language, which is darn tootin’ cute.

Time spent in the kitchen is great for quiet time.  The sounds and smells I am creating help me feel grounded as I focus on creating something tasty and nourishing for my family.  And as I’m stirring soup or chopping vegetables, my mind is free to wander off into a daydream.

Sweetie has been working evenings this week, so I’ve had a lot of quiet time to myself.  My first impulse was to cram as much productivity into the evenings as possible, but then I decided relaxation was key.  The first night I watched a movie and knit for 2 hours.  The second night I took a long soak in the tub with candles, bubbles, and a new library book.  Last night I drank wine and knit while listening to a podcast.   Not as much complete quiet as I thought I would want, but it was nice to mix it up a bit.


This post was inspired by Katie who recently wrote about quiet evenings at home with her husband.  I think we need a quiet evening each week around here, too.  So often Sweetie and I end up in our respective spots in the living room silently watching tv together.  And while sometimes that is just the antidote to a stressful or busy day, I also really enjoy it when we turn off the tube and just sit and talk or play a game.  Now that I’m writing this, I remember we used to do just that on Monday nights!  Hmmm…

How do you make room in your day for quiet?