Day 20

The Rhinebeck goodies are home, loaded into my Ravelry stash, and put safely away in my yarn cupboard. While it wasn't my intention to be so restrained in my purchases, it just turned out that way.  I blame the crowded booths and my cloudy brain; the two conspired against me and I was nearly incapable … Continue reading Day 20

Knitting for Sweetie

I reserve the bulk of my knitting time to create handknits that someone will appreciate and use.  Most often, the recipient of my knitting gifts is Me.  But there is one other person who ranks high in the Use and Appreciation of Handknits department: my Sweetie. Not only does she show interest in what I … Continue reading Knitting for Sweetie

Like A Virgin: Rhinebeck For the Very First Time

It's true: I was among the masses at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival on Sunday.  And it was my first fiber festival ever, let alone my first time to the infamous Rhinebeck. Was it everything I had imagined it to be?  Yes, and then some. Where else can a person pose with bipedal … Continue reading Like A Virgin: Rhinebeck For the Very First Time