Textured Tweed

I haven't been blogging or knitting much lately.  Or maybe I've been knitting more than I realized, plodding along slowly yet steadily on a couple of projects this April.  My third pair of socks for the year began just as the pair before them ended.  I literally cast on sometime within 24 hours of finishing … Continue reading Textured Tweed



My main goal over the weekend was to finish my Tootie Fruity Monkey Socks.  Imagine my delight when I was grafting the toe closed by Saturday afternoon!  That meant I got to wind up some new yarn and get started on another pair of socks right away.  Apparently I'm in a sock mood these days, … Continue reading Zesty

Autumn Rocks

This post contains images and information concerning the September 2009 Rockin' Sock Club Shimpent.  Proceed at your own risk. Even though I haven't been knitting socks recently, I couldn't help but be overwhelmingly excited to receive the most recent shipment of the Socks that Rock club yarn.  Autumn is my favorite season, and I had … Continue reading Autumn Rocks


It's that time again, folks...Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club time, that is! After 3 shipments, I have felt mixed emotions over the idea of the sock club.  There have been highs: the first shipment was a perfect harmony of yarn, pattern, and challenges.  There have been lows: the next two shipments were both … Continue reading Fresh

Rockin’ the Socks

I'm headed out of town on another adventure for a couple of weeks.  This requires a lot of planning, from reservations and car rentals to making sure I pack anything I might need over the course of a two-week vacation.  While running through my mental list of To-Do's, I only just came across Vacation Knitting. … Continue reading Rockin’ the Socks

New Club Yarn is Here!

Just when things were looking irreparably bleak on the knitting motivation front, I got a package in the mail. Fellow Rockin' Sock Club Members, you know what I'm talking about.  If you don't want to ruin the surprise, just turn around and walk away right now.  Cause things are about to get crazy in here! … Continue reading New Club Yarn is Here!

Finished Socks Rock

Let's get this weekend started off right with a finished object! I cannot quite describe to you the level of elation, relief, and excitement I am feeling after finishing these socks.  It's not that I didn't enjoy knitting them.  It's not that there was anything wrong with the delicious yarn or the pattern.  I just … Continue reading Finished Socks Rock