Must Keep Knitting…

Warning: Once you start knitting Ishbel, you may find it impossible to stop.

Other activities such as sleeping, eating, or self grooming may tempt you into putting down the needles, but you will not be able to be gone long.  Ishbel will lure you back with her sexy yarn overs and fast paced lace charts.

I cast on Sunday afternoon, and by Tuesday had finished the first lace repeat.  I took Wednesday off from compulsively knitting, and am now working on the last chart.  It could be done this weekend…


May you be blessed with the same excitement over one of your projects this weekend!

Wrap Your Kitty in Noro

This scarf was started out of a desire to indulge my need for color, texture, and an improvisational knit. I also wanted something I could work on without employing too many brainwaves. Mission accomplished.


  • Yarn: Noro Iro, Color 56, 264 yards
  • Needles: Size 11. I experimented with smaller needles but found the resulting fabric too stiff.
  • Pattern: Cast on 17 stitches and work in seed stitch until you run out of yarn.

This is an incredibly generous scarf in terms of its length. I can wrap it around and around my neck and still have ends left over. When I stretched it out on the floor to measure just how long it was, Spike came to investigate.


He is just so good at the yoga standard, Downward-facing Dog. I’m a little jealous…

In retaliation, I decided to wrap him up in the scarf and see what would happen. He didn’t like it.


I think I’ll sleep with one eye open tonight.