Cute & Creepy

I was knocking around Ravelry recently, when I noticed one of my friend’s project page showed a picture of some adorable Pac Man stitch markers.  The note said she had not made them, but had actually purchased them on etsy.  I immediately followed the link (I am a devoted Ms. Pac Man fan) in search of my own set.  Oh my.  There were so many cute, creepy, and funny stitch marker sets to choose from!  Naturally, I got distracted from my original search and ended up with two sets of stitch markers in my shopping cart.


This set was so cute that I went immediately  from mailbox to knitting chair in order to get them onto on of my wips asap.


Not only are these markers fun, they are well made.  I haven’t experienced any snagging or loosening that can sometimes happen with stitch markers of this type.  These whimsical creations are handmade to order, and so worth any wait you may have to endure.  Check out Scary Merry’s etsy shop to see what you might fall in love with.