Foot in Hand

Hey, I thought this was a knitting blog! Oh yeah, I have a knitting blog because I love to knit... And, my fellow knitters, I promise that there has indeed been some knittin' going on.  It's just been a bit slow and intermittent, with no FO's to share.  Over the past 2 weeks it's been … Continue reading Foot in Hand



I have received a generous outpouring of kindness and support this past week, both in the comments and via email.  Thank you.  It has really made a difference for me during a very difficult time to go onto the computer and read your thoughtful, friendly, and often funny comments.   Your responses were welcome and much-needed. … Continue reading Gratitude

I’ve Got It Baaad.

I've got it baaad. The sock jitters, that is.  My hands are shaking with the desire to knit a new pair of socks with sumptuous sock yarn.  I keep coming across new sock yarn, great new patterns, and feeling an overwhelming sense of excitement and desire to cast on immediately.  And yet, I don't.  I … Continue reading I’ve Got It Baaad.

What’s Next?

New Finished Object! This was an especially fun knit because I improvised it as I was knitting. That's right, no official pattern, just a little sketch and a dream of uniting this turquoise and red cotton into a perfect union. I'm pretty happy with the results. Pattern: Improvised. If you're interested, I'll translate my notes … Continue reading What’s Next?

Sock Progress

A little while back I declared a new sock knitting strategy for myself. It goes a little something like this: Knit sock 1 of pair A. Knit sock 1 of pair B. Knit sock 2 of pair A. Knit sock 2 of pair B. This was devised in hopes of helping me avoid the dreaded … Continue reading Sock Progress

A New Strategy, Part II

I'm on to Sock #1 of Pair #2 (read this entry for background info) Like a new love affair, things are off to a blissful start. The yarn is gorgeous and refreshing, the pattern is simple yet interesting enough to keep my brain engaged, and the whole thing is knitting up really fast. Yarn: Oceanwind … Continue reading A New Strategy, Part II