What Was Old is New Again

This is my first refashion, although technically there was no sewing or work to it at all.  It was the perfect way to get started on my challenge this week.


Martha's not crazy about the length, either

Martha's not crazy about the length, either

This is a skirt I picked up at Fab India on my trip to Mumbai in 2006.  I knew it was long, but it was perfect to wear in the 110 degree heat when showing a little leg was not appropriate.  Back home, it was just a little too long and frumpy for regular wear.  Now that it’s been in my closet and hasn’t seen the light of day for at least 2 years, I though it was time to give the skirt a makeover.


Fortunately, there was already a seam running horizontally just above my knee line.  This is where the pattern changed direction, and I simply cut the lower portion of the skirt away.


And presto–a nicely hemmed skirt and me making it one more week without buying a sewing machine!  It will happen eventually, I promise.

Part of my re-fashioning mission is to really take a look at the pieces of clothing I have in my closet.  There are some pieces that I haven’t been able to part with, either for sentimental reasons (the kimono top I bought in China town when I first moved to NYC), or because I hope it will fit again someday.

I’ve started culling my clothing stash by doing 2 things.  First, I went through and pulled out anything that I don’t wear or doesn’t fit that I couldn’t bear to get rid of because I liked the fabric or an embellishment on it.  These have been set aside for refashion use.  I then went into my closet and ordered my clothing by color and sleeve/pant length.  It’s a rainbow of clothes in there!  Then I turned all the hangers around so that the hook comes from behind.  As I wear clothes, I turn the hanger back around to its normal position.  At the end of my 2 months, I will see which clothes I haven’t worn and know that those can probably go to a new home.  I’ve done this before in the past, and it works great.  Plus, the shift in how my clothing is organized helps me see things in a new way, and I end up creating new combinations and outfits.

Do you have any tips for organizing your clothing?