Just Because

       I love it when I get an idea for something and I have no idea where the inspiration came from.  The elements of this project came together organically, and I just went with it, not overthinking it.  Knitting doesn't always have to play by the rules!  I wanted a project where I could improvise, … Continue reading  Just Because

On the needles : Spring update

It's full on Spring in Oregon now.  The crocus and daffodils have come and gone, the tulips have peaked, and now we're eagerly anticipating the first unfurling of a peony bud.  With the help of a friend, I've recently prepared our raised garden beds for planting.  We've already got broccoli starts happily nestled in their … Continue reading On the needles : Spring update

Yarn Along:: One Day…

One day, I'll finish these socks.  These simple, knit anywhere anytime, on the needles since July socks.  I'm pushing myself to finish before the end of the month. I just turned the heel yesterday. The book was a recent gift and, seeing as how I am an incurable romantic and thought the movie trailer looked … Continue reading Yarn Along:: One Day…

Yarn Along:: At Home & Around Town, a Tale of Two Socks

From  Small Things: " Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well.  So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it … Continue reading Yarn Along:: At Home & Around Town, a Tale of Two Socks


So, Christmas came and went in a flurry of wrapping paper, sugar cookies and new toys.  It was joyful and fun, a little bit tiring (at one point during present opening, I hit my attention span wall and got a little loopy), and there's still more fun to be had with family in town.  For … Continue reading Holidaze

Best Knit Plans (and Yarn Along)

Last night, I had a plan.  The entire evening stretched out before me, and I had a plan for my knitting.   I made a cup of tea and sat down with Sweetie to enjoy some television.  I should have known my knitting would have its own plans. After knitting through the documentary Ghetto Ballet, … Continue reading Best Knit Plans (and Yarn Along)

It’s That Time of Year Again

Socktoberfest is here! I'll be playing along with the Through The Loops Mystery Sock KAL. This is my first time doing a mystery pattern, and it honestly makes me feel a little bit nervous.  But for the past two years I've seen these sock patterns come out and loved them, so I feel confident this … Continue reading It’s That Time of Year Again