Knitting Catch Up

I have been in somewhat of a knitting funk since opening Stash last month.  Overwhelmed with all the lovely yarn and patterns crossing the threshold of the shop, I have found that committing to one project is nearly impossible.  I have been casting on and swatching for a lot of things, but oftentimes rip them … Continue reading Knitting Catch Up

The Dish on Petrie

Although I finished the knitting of this top a while ago, I just got around to sewing up the seams and doing the other finishing touches last week.  There was no reason to procrastinate: the seaming was quite fast!  All in all, I think it turned out great, and I'm sorry I didn't finish it … Continue reading The Dish on Petrie

Bet You Can’t Knit Just One

Not much to report on this Monday.  We had a quiet weekend full of relaxing, completing some little projects around the house, movie watching, and some sewing and bib-knitting.  Seriously, I cannot stop knitting cotton bibs.  I don't know what has come over me, whether it's the Lays potato chip phenomenon ("Bet you can't knit … Continue reading Bet You Can’t Knit Just One


I have received a generous outpouring of kindness and support this past week, both in the comments and via email.  Thank you.  It has really made a difference for me during a very difficult time to go onto the computer and read your thoughtful, friendly, and often funny comments.   Your responses were welcome and much-needed. … Continue reading Gratitude

Birth Announcement & Weekend Knitting

I sat down this morning with the intention of writing about knitting.  But something else is on my mind, something decidedly unrelated to knitting in any way. I'm so excited! Some of you may remember that back in August I was able to set up a new 45-gallon freshwater fish tank.  This was a big … Continue reading Birth Announcement & Weekend Knitting

Stash Flash

I've been listening to the Stash and Burn podcasts lately (see previous post) and have been contemplating the stash habits of knitters. This knitter, in particular. I thought I had a lot of yarn, but apparently I am a mouse among giants with a stash count on Ravelry of 20. Here it is, my meager … Continue reading Stash Flash