Letting Go

I’ve been trying to get to this space for two whole days now. My mind has been swirling with things to write about here: various lists, knitting updates, a finished object, and more. I’ve felt a little rushed and behind for days, mostly because we are leaving for vacation soon, and that always sends me into a bit of a frenzy. What to pack? What to knit? Do we have arrangemtns for the cats? Is the fridge/trash emtied? I have this strong need to clean house before we leave, so that we can come back everything in order. Some of that has to be let go in favor of taking some queit moments, making it to knit night, or going on toddler outings.

So, my eloquent and on-time blog posts regarding the aforementioned FO, a fun yarn swap I went to over the weekend, and a painting project are just going ot have to wait. Something has to give, and this little blog is getting the shaft this week. I hope you understand and will join me back when the dust has settled and the bags are unpacked.  For now, enjoy these progress shots of my weekend sock/lace yarn reorganization.  It’s so good to see things in a new way!


Stash Flash 2011: Yarn Love

This year I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my yarn. I did a somewhat large and hasty stash-cull last summer, then moved the remainder cross-country, only to somewhat haphazardly put it away in our new place. It wasn’t until my sister and I went through the stash in January that I realized just how disorganized it had become. I have this lovely cupboard where I store all of my yarn. Sadly, it had become normal for me to partially open the door and blindly toss in new skeins and leftovers from projects. This lead to a sense of ambivalence about my stash.

Going through a little yarn envy did me some good. I decided to pull it all out of the cabinet and get reacquanited with each skein.  Laying hands on all of my yarn, I was reminded why I bought it in the first place.  Sumptuous alpaca, silk, and merino; light, bright cottons; wacky variegated sock yarns; they all have their place in my heart.  I rounded up a couple of baskets from around the house and filled one with cotton the other with wool. Larger quantities are in plastic bags adjacent to their counterparts. It may not look like it’s organized, but believe me: this is an improvement, and I know where every skein is!

As for the sock yarn…  I love my sock yarns, and feel differently about it than my other yarn. It can stay in my stash as long as it likes. I don’t feel an urge to use it up and move it out the same way I do about other yarns. It’s so beautiful, small bits of luxury and lovely color.  After removing it all from the cupboard, I decided I could stand to look at it in a new way, and rearranged it so that the oldest yarn is on top, with newer acquisitions on the bottom.  This way, maybe I can work through older stash first as I feel inspired to knit with sock yarn.  I plan on going to Sock Summit this summer, so it does make sense to create some room…

And now that my stash is organized and I know exactly what I have, it’s time to buy more yarn, right?

I’m going to Stitches West this weekend!  Peaceful Baby, The Granny Nanny and I will be in town the whole weekend.  I’m really looking forward to the Ravelry Cocktail party, Knitmore Girls meet & greet, a class on cables with Cookie A, and just seeing all the beautiful yarn and knitters together in one place.  These events can be a little overwhelming for me, but I also find them so inspiring and energizing.  I hope to see some familiar faces (or Ravelry/blog names, at least!); if you spot me, please come say hello!