Here Comes the Sun

I’ve always wanted to take a knitting class. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise. Imagine the delights that await when you combine these two activities and take your sweetie along for the ride!

We left out of New York City at dusk. This was a perfect spot to sit with a tropical beverage and watch the city disappear into the night. It was freezing, but I was ready for a daiquiri, damn the consequences!


So, which will it be first: knitting or cruising? Well, since it’s a supremely dreary day here in Connecticut, I think I’ll opt for memories of a happier, warmer time…


Holland America’s Ms Noordam at port in Grand Turk



Can’t you just feel the sun? Getting off the ship after 2 days at sea was a refreshing change of pace. Life on-board a cruise ship is certainly relaxing and enjoyable, but you start to feel a little cooped up after a while. This helped a great deal with the winter blues, seasickness, and cabin fever!



Fuscia Bougainvillea on St. Marten during a hike at Loterie Farm, a gorgeous nature preserve on the French side of the island.


There were lots of lizards on the hike, too.


Sailboat on the Sir Francis Drake Channel approaching Tortola where we got to swim with a dolphin named Venus. She was a free-spirited dolphin who seemed to say “You think you have me trained? I’m going to go play with some seaweed, suckers!” It was an amazing experience, if a bit touristy. We submitted to it, though, and paid way too much money for large glossy prints of our encounter. Side note: if you ever get to pet a dolphin on her underside, be careful not to go too low; there is such a thing as an accidental “bad touch” with a dolphin. I’m so sorry, Venus.

The happy trail of our ship departing the Caribbean…


Next time, I’ll get to the knitting, the people, and all the fabulous swag that was generously passed our way.

Gone Knittin’

Brrr, it’s cold out there! I am so lucky to be going on a Caribbean cruise tomorrow, let alone a knitting cruise. I just finished the embarrassing task of trying on and packing my swimming suits and summer clothes. It’s been a while since anything but my face and hands have seen the sunlight! I hope to find the other winter-pale people on the ship, slathering on the spf 45 sunscreen for fear of melting at the first rays of sun!

Now I need to think about what knitting supplies to take aboard. These are the classes I’m signed up to take with Debbie Stoller and Shannon Okey:

  1. Slip Stitchin’ Away
  2. Bead It
  3. Felted Flowers
  4. No Plastic, Please bag
  5. Provisional Cast On
  6. Sea Socks

In another twist of good fortune, all the yarn is provided for these projects. So, what to pack? I don’t think I’m the type to bring all of my favorite finished objects to show off, nor do I think I’ll be bringing my Stitch ‘n Bitch books for autographs. Basically all I’ll need is a small bag to carry needles, notions, and one project.

I’ll be gone for 10 days, so please hang in there and check back on March 8th. I promise you some wonderful posts when I return, full of sunshine and knitting.

Until then, happy knitting!

The Whole Truth

You didn’t think I was able to leave a recent 42% off sale with just a couple of skeins of Noro, did you? The truth is, I increased my stash by a third that week, between Becca’s generous stash-busting and the Yarn Garden’s Superbowl sale. So here they are, my new wooly friends and sources of inspiration:


Yarn: Jojoland Melody Superwash, color MS16, 2 balls (To be socks for my sweetie)


Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids, Natural, 1 skein (lacy footwear for me, perhaps?)

Yarn: Cascade Tuscany Grande, Sunrise, 2 balls


Yarn: Cascade Tuscany Grande, Celedon, 2 balls

Sidenote: I got a message on Ravelry asking if they could feature this photo on this yarn’s page!


Yarn: Cascade Lana D’Oro, black, 2 skeins

Okay, that’s the full truth, I promise! I have gone from a meager little stash that fit in a single layer in one box to something that resembles a corner in the messiest yarn shop you’ve ever been to. It’s a little out of hand, and I need to find a way to tame the beast before it crawls out of the over-stuffed box and smothers me in my sleep.

In the meantime, I have a lot of knitting to do! I have been resisting the urge to cast on every one of the above yarns because I need to tie up some UFOs before heading out on the Stitch ‘n Beach cruise on the 27th. I’m signed up to take 6 classes, and they each come with a project! So I don’t plan on taking anything more than a stockinette sock with me to knit on the train to New York.