Birthday Boy Vest

This was a project I decided to make for my nephew last fall, well in advance of his first birthday.  I printed out the pattern right away, even went out and bought the yarn.  Then it sat all winter and spring.  I suppose I was waiting to see what size I should make, and for the knitting deck to be clear, so to speak.  About two weeks before my nephew’s birthday I cast on for this sophisticated cabled baby vest.

  • Pattern: Pembroke Vest by Kirsten Kapur for Petite Purls. 18 month size (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 wool, 3 balls + a few yards of a 4th
  • Needles: US size 5 for ribbing, 7 for body
  • Mods: I changed the cable crosses so that they are mirrored.

This was such a fun pattern to knit.  The cables are simply delicious, all plump and twisty in this wool.  I would definitely choose this yarn again for its great stitch definition and bounce.  Plus, it comes in a gorgeous range of colors.  Kapur’s pattern and chart are well written and easy to follow, which was a pleasure.  I could pick this up and put it down several times a day and have no problem finding my place and knitting on.  It’s knit in two pieces, seamed together, and then you knit up the ribbing around the arms and neck.  I knit the 18 month size which does not call for a split neck opening with buttons.  If only I could go back and add them…

When I finished this vest up, I was so excited to pop it onto PB and take some photos.  Can you just picture it: a cute blue-eyed baby in a blue knit vest?  unfortunately the only picture that exists is in my mind, because it wouldn’t fit over her head!  I picked out the bind-off edge, pulled out 3 rows of ribbing, and bound off again very l o o s e l y.  Then I crossed my fingers, made a wish, and sent it off to my nephew.

It still doesn’t fit over his head.

I guess I’ll be attempting some sort of sweater vest surgery next time I visit!  Oh well.