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The past 4 days have been full of delicious food, time with family and friends, time spent with my knitting and sewing, time selling yarn to excited knitters, and time getting into that holiday spirit.  Before these days came around, I was worried that it would all be too much, but somehow it all felt just right.

I’m extremely grateful for everything in our lives right now.  For the family and friends we celebrated with, for a healthy vivacious almost-5-year-old, for a supportive and generous partner, for our baby on the way, and for the amazing team of women I work with.  I could go on, but I’ll just keep the rest to myself.  ; )

I hope you had a lovely weekend and holiday (if you celebrate)!

And now that it’s December, I’m curious: How do you get ready for the holidays at your house?

A Gratitude Challenge

Maui Anniversary trip, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today, as we collectively think about all we are grateful for, I urge you to join me on a mission.

A mission to take this Thanksgiving-inspired ritual of thinking about and sharing what we are grateful for one step further.  Let’s make it a regular habit, a daily habit.

I know, it seems a little bit much, and may even remind you (like it did me), of Oprah and her gratitude journals from years ago.  But here’s the thing: the more we are in touch with what we are grateful for in our lives, the more satisfied, happy and present we feel.  I’m up for some of that, are you?

I was inspired to write this post after watching Marie Forleo’s latest video: The Downside of Gratitude.  I dare you to watch it (it’s under 5 minutes) and join in by listing the 10 things you are grateful for today.  And then, if you’re inspired to join me, keep making your list every day for the rest of the year.  Stop and notice how you feel afterward.  I’ll bet it’s pretty good!

Here are my 10:

  1. My sweet, funny, smart nearly 3-year old daughter
  2. Sweetie & I recently celebrating 10 years together with an anniversary trip to Hawaii
  3. Knitting, for it’s ability to connect me with my deepest creativity and for calming me down on my Crazy Days.
  4. Handmade ceramic mugs, so perfect for tea and hot cocoa this time of year
  5. Our new home!  I’m super excited to get out the holiday decorations next week.
  6. The mild Oregon climate; just cool enough for handknits, not cold enough for regular snow.
  7. Friends who bring freshly baked banana bread to me at the shop.
  8. Clean sheets.
  9. People who share the gift of being 100% themselves.
  10. Orbitz for making it possible for us to fly last minute to be with my family on Thanksgiving.

Please join me in making your own list in the commets.  

And have a very happy Thanksgiving!


This has been a wonderful year.  Not only has it brought our family the most wonderful, sweet, funny gift of Peaceful Baby, but we have also been blessed with the opportunity to live closer to our extended families.  This means that for the holidays this year, Sweetie and I didn’t have to choose between either of our families.  We get to spend time with everyone for the first time in years!

I am feeling thankful for a lot these days, including all of you!

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day and weekend!