These Special Moments

This holiday season we have had the enjoyable opportunity to spend a lot of time with my mom (aka The Granny Nanny).  She is in town for an extended stay, and it has been wonderful seeing she and PB getting to know each other in a whole new way.  Living apart from family often means short visits spread throughout the year; with small children it takes a few days to get familiar with all the relatives again, and just when people are getting into their groove it’s time to leave.  Since we live in a small space and Granny planned on being in town for a few weeks, we collaborated to find her a place to house sit in our neighborhood.  A place with chickens, rabbits, and a fireplace.  I almost wanted to go stay there myself!

Some special moments with Granny and the menagerie:

Happy weekending! I hope you have a safe and fun New Year weekend.


First Chills & Thrills

Where we live in Oregon it is just beginning to feel like fall is over and early winter is settling in.  We’ve gotten the first couple of frosts, turning damp piles of leaves into crisp, glittering mounds.  The grass glows like frosted emeralds, and there is usually a fog that hovers near the ground all morning.  Yesterday we decided to venture out in the chilly, frosty morning and have an adventure with PB’s new trike.  She is loving the speed and repeatedly asks us to “go faster” and to “do more zooming.” She also likes to hop off unexpectedly to gather rocks and walking sticks. It’s pretty great.

I knit PB and her friend OP not-so-matchy matching handwarmers.  Using leftover bits of green, purple and white yarn, I knit up simple ribbed tubes with a button/thumb hole.  Easy peasy, and so fun!  Now I need a pair as I can’t seem to find any of the mitts I’ve knit in years past… What’s your favorite glove/mitten/handwarmer pattern right now?

Family Day

Yesterday was a new holiday for us, a day affectionately titled Family Day. A day where we chuck it all and go do something fun together all day. Things have been a little busy this autumn, with family rhythms a bit out of whack. In an attempt to reset priorities (and increase ice cream consumption), we took a day off. Sweetie arranged to be absent from work, I vowed not to check work email, and we taught PB all about playing hookie from preschool.

Hot beverages and knitting in hand, we set off in the car toward the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, OR. I respect the innovation of flight and think airplanes are amazing, but never thought I’d be spending voluntary time doing something like this. Even I was blown away by the sheer size and chutzpah of the Spruce Goose (or the Flying Boat, as Howard Hughes preferred to call it). That thing is massive! And you can go inside the cargo hold, which is pretty neat. There was plenty of room to roam, activities for little ones and, perhaps most exciting for a future trip, an indoor water park where you can slide out of a real airplane on the roof of the building.

"Plane" was one of her first words...

After the museum we went downtown for lunch and had an amazing view of  Mt. Hood and the stunning fall colors. And after that, I got to see the amazing view of PB devouring a cup of ice cream. It was a real treat for us all!

I’m already looking forward to out next Family Day.

Hands On

We have been loving the book First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos around here, and we have been working our way through some of the activities over the past couple of months.  One of the things we hadn’t done yet was make play dough.  With some time alone over the weekend, PB and I cooked up a batch and got to the good work of exploring.

It took a long time to cook, I thought.  The salt is slow to dissolve, and the flour  mixture came out a little lumpy.  Most of this was worked out in the kneading, but there are still some lumps and bumps.  More texture to explore, I say!  I made a half batch, unsure of what the yield would be.  Next time, think I will follow the variation for “single servings” and make a couple of different colors.

PB loved poking the dough as well as hitting it with the hammer and rolling pin we inherited from PDXKnitterati’s boys.  Such fun!

What are some of your favorite toddler art and exploration activities?