Yarn Along: Travel Insomia

The night before a trip always finds me feeling a little bit unsettled. My brain is zooming around from what is or isn't packed yet, did I turn on my vacation responder, remember to take out the garbage tomorrow, is the camera charged, remember to bring the prenatal vitamins, and on and on. Last night … Continue reading Yarn Along: Travel Insomia

Yarn Along:: Beginnings + Endings

I've been reading a new book, the sweeping sequel to The Passage.  It's complex and moving, even a little sad and scary at times.  It's epic and will probably take me a bit to get through.  And that's okay, especially with the help of a before-work-mocha and reading moment from time to time. My fall sweater is … Continue reading Yarn Along:: Beginnings + Endings

Vacation Time

We originally thought a grand, warm-weather vacation was in order. Think cruise to Mexico, beach front rental in Southern California. Eventually we scaled back the vision to a more local excursion, traveling north just a few hours to visit Seattle. Neither of us has really explored the city much before, so we were excited. Near … Continue reading Vacation Time

Wildlife, Wild Knitting

My recent trip to Southeast Alaska was a success in many ways.  This is a place I hold dear in my heart, a place that has retained its wonder and beauty for me throughout a lifetime of visits.  I have been fortunate enough to be a regular visitor since I was a child, spending summers … Continue reading Wildlife, Wild Knitting