Knitting Update

This is a little something I’ve been working on for our first knit-along at Stash. You can read more about the project here.

I’ve been missing this space a bit lately.  One explanation for my absence is that I have been devoting a good part of my blogging energy toward the Stash blog, Pintrest, and Facebook pages.  Another reason is that I am so very tired.  PB is going through a bit of a sleep challenge right now, fighting going to sleep some nights and waking up around 4:30 every morning. Keeping her up later doesn’t seem to make a difference.  I wouldn’t mind your suggestions; we’re all exhausted and looking for help!

In knitting news….

I’ve had a little bit of the knitting ADD this month, and before finishing this hat I had 5 projects on the needles.  That’s a lot for me, even if one of them is in deep hibernation!  I’m part process knitter and a larger part product knitter, and I had been itching to finish something!  This would have been a quick hat, but the nature of knitting at work is that it only gets attention for small bits of time, a few stitches here and there.

As for my at home knitting, I’m almost to the armhole divide on the Hooray Cardigan despite not having really knit on it in over a week.  The Hitchiker Shawl I started has been coming along steadily, and I am starting to see the end.  All the soothing garter stitch, with something interesting at the beginning of each row, is perfect for end of the day tv watching while on the couch knitting.  The Slable Hat I started in December has moved out of short-term hibernation and back to Stash where it will be my work knitting until it’s finished up.

How about you?  What are you knitting?  Is anything a real slog?  I’d love to finish up my long-languishing sock club socks.  I hear the Doubleknit Twins are doing a finish, frog, or slog-along this year, so I think that might help motivate me to finish up that second sock!

A Tale of Two Kitties

A tale of 2 kitties

  • Pattern: Official Kittyville Hat from the 1st Stitch ‘n Bitch book
  • Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino in Rosewood and Sirdar Snuggly DK, one strand of each held together
  • Needles: Size 8 circulars, size 6 dpns
  • Modifications: I only picked up 10 stitches for the ears, then made just one triangle on each side. I also cast on fewer stitches to make it a bit smaller.

What a fun pattern this turned out to be! Since I knew from the beginning it was intended for a 2-year old I took a decidedly whimsical approach. This was a real custom job for me, something I don’t always take the time to do. But it was an interesting exercise in creativity coming up with ways to make this hat special for my little cat-loving friend. Contrasting yarn, adding a nose, and using mismatched button eyes are simple ways to embellish a project that make a handmade gift even more special.

My favorite model!

I’ve never had much luck making pom poms before, always ending up with limp little bundles of yarn. But then I found this page which made one simple distinction for me: use multiple strands of yarn held together when threading through your pom pom maker of choice. It adds fullness fast and I ended up with two plump, fluffy poms!

Knitting Probation update:

At my knitting group on Monday, I expressed dismay and torment over having so many unfinished projects lying around. My friend Eden suggested “just ripping them out” if they are causing me dread. Then later at the yarn store (I didn’t buy anything!) an employee said she had a box in her attic where her ufo’s go to die hybernate.

That got me thinking: what would happen if I simply ripped out all of the projects that I don’t love anymore? Nothing, really. Well, I would be free of that niggling feeling I have in the pit of my stomach that says I can’t start any new projects until they are finished. And I would have the yarn back in my stash, available for knitting something I do love later.

I’m still going to work on my projects, giving priority to those that I am enjoying or looking forward to having finished. But there are a couple that I am seriously considering ripping out, winding up, and putting away for another day. So for now, the status is 1 wip down, 7 to go (one way or another!).

Knitting Probation

Do you know how much yarn you own?

I didn’t. I just knew I had a basket full of sock yarn and a box full of all my other yarn. My stash count on Ravelry is up to 42. This hasn’t really bothered me before. Yarn is a beautiful thing to be surrounded by, especially if it is stored in such a way that it can be enjoyed. But my beautiful box of yarn, the one that was organized by yarn type and color, is now filled with bags of knitting.

I currently have 8 unfinished projects, works in progress, and hybernating items. Whatever you want to call them, they’re there, draining my knitterly spirit of the will to knit. It’s just too much!

Here is everything I am working on, with the percentage completed:

  1. Embossed Leaves Socks–50%
  2. Diagonal Cross Rib Socks–50%
  3. Morning Surf Scarf–60%
  4. Spiderweb Capelet–25%
  5. No Plastic, Please market bag–40%
  6. Kittyville Hat 80%
  7. Garter Stitch Scarf–50%
  8. TKGA Master Level 1 Swatches–5%

And so it is with determination and resignation that I make the following statements:

I will not cast on any new projects for the rest of April…even when I finish one of my works in progress.

I will not buy new yarn in April.

I used to be the knitter that had no stash and knit one thing at a time! Now, excitement clouds my sense of order and I cast on new projects with abandon, with little thought of the effect on other projects already in progress. My devolution into this chaos has been fairly rapid, and can be directly linked to my participation in Ravelry and my recent knitting cruise. There are just so many great patterns and yarns out there-how do you manage to remain calm when inspiration moves you to start knitting something new?

And now this: self-imposed knitting probation.

Just for fun, I added up the yardage of my stash yarn. Here’s the count:

12,252 yards

36,756 feet

6.9613 miles

That’s taller than Mt. Everest by 7,727 feet! I think I may need some oxygen up here.

I look forward to sharing some finished objects with you very soon. Only 23 more days in April!!!