Off the Needles

I am woefully behind on sharing my most recent finished objects.  You know they aren’t really finished until someone wears or takes a photo of them, right?

One morning this week before opening, I did a little photo shoot inside Stash.  I can only imagine what people thought as they walked by the window and saw me laying back on the sofa taking photos of my feet.  Oh well; knittas be crazy.

Then I played around taking photos of my reflection in all the mirrors in the shop.  Also crazy fun!

This was a really fun project, and it has sort of started me on a hat kick.  I’m thinking Slable next.

Hope you’re having a fun weekend, perhaps even finishing up a project of your own!

Work Knitting

I’ve been knitting again!  Granted, I never really stopped knitting, but there was some ennui, a certain indifference toward my knitting in the past couple of months.  Yarn yarn everywhere and not an urge to knit!

So now, as I have the opportunity to sit back and look at all the yarn around me all day, I am feeling inspired again.  One of the yarns that has been calling out to me since I put it on the shelf just had to be a hat. I could no longer resist the call of Scorched Lime.

I’ve been knitting this at work, and for the most part it is going quickly and smoothly.  There have been a few times where I was certain a grave error had been made, when in reality it was just my own inability to count.  Is seems to be smooth sailing now as I have the pattern (from Weekend Hats) memorized.

Are you able to knit at work? Do you have to be sneaky or are able to knit out in the open during meetings and lunch breaks?

Happy weekending, everyone!