Thoughts on self-care & why I eat standing up

Thoughts on self-care & why I eat standing up

Some days it feels like the needs of my children are incessant. From the moment my eyelids open into the 5am darkness to the moment their little bodies succumb to sleep, they NEED. They need love, snuggles, attention, comfort, and reassurance. They also need pancakes cut up just so, a cup of juice -no, I … Continue reading Thoughts on self-care & why I eat standing up


When life seems to be feeling a bit stagnant, I crave change.  Small changes or large, shaking things up a bit can have an invigorating effect.  Usually this manifests itself in a spontaneous rearranging of furniture, or joining a new knit-along.  Too much change at once though, and I risk getting lost in a swirl … Continue reading Change

Family Rhythms

They say that life with a small child means constant change.  That once you get comfortable with the way things are, they go and stop taking a morning nap, forgoe eating a favorite food, or just start talking up a storm.  Some changes are delightful, others are a little bit less so. These days, our … Continue reading Family Rhythms