Family Rhythms

They say that life with a small child means constant change.  That once you get comfortable with the way things are, they go and stop taking a morning nap, forgoe eating a favorite food, or just start talking up a storm.  Some changes are delightful, others are a little bit less so.

These days, our rhytyms as a family are taking on an entirely new tone.  Where once I was a stay at home mama an felt no sense of rush at the beginning of a new day, now I am a working mom and wife with a lot going on outside the home for the first time in years.  Sweetie is returning to work full time this week after having a few good stretches of time off over the summer.  And next week, PB goes from stay at home toddler to an enrolee at a Montessori morning program for toddlers.

Folks, this is a lot of change.  It keeps me up at night, worrying about what I’ve done to all of us by decided to open my own business.  In my heart, I know it is right, that to pursue one’s dream is a brave and life-affirming thing.

In the pit of my stomach, especially late at night, I worry that this is all one huge mistake that could irrevocably damage our little family.  When I’m at work, I worry about what I’m missing in PB’s day, and when I’m home, I can’t stop thinking about the shop.  Being present in the moment is taking a little bit more effort on my part. I have got to get that into check.

Working parents, how do you do it?  Knitting does help, that’s for sure!