Yarn Cabinet!

My new craft room is still a work in progress, but I got a key piece of the puzzle this week. We found this cabinet at Hey Day Antiques is Clinton, CT a couple of weekends ago. The craftsman makes new furniture out of recycled antique pieces and reclaimed wood. So this is an amalgamation of a Victorian table, some tongue and groove, and various other wood. After it’s put together, he does a decorative finish on the outside to unify everything, but leaves the wood inside as is.

And so it has become the keystone of my room, with all my yarn stored comfortably inside. Sock yarn on the top shelf, of course.

I think my stash is very happy in its new home, and after a week of settling in, so am I. Now, the boxes are calling me…

A Room to Call My Own

In all the craziness of the past few weeks, I neglected to mention that we bought a house! We looked at over 40 houses, seeing some strange and wonderful things: a bedroom converted into a sauna with a sunken hot tub; a blue bathtub with mystery poop in it; a great room with a huge stone fireplace; many houses with neglected fish-tanks (if you have one, please go clean it–those fish need to breathe!); and finally, a cute Cape Cod house with a light-filled room perfect for pursuing ones creative pursuits.


Life is good.

The property is wooded in the back, perfect for bird-watching and letting the dog run around. There’s also plenty of room for friends and family to come and stay over, which is a necessity since most of my family is in Idaho. Consider this your invitation, friends and family; there’s plenty of room!

Back to the glory that is my craft room…I’ve never had a room devoted to creativity. What a luxury! As soon as I get the bridal wallpaper scraped off, I plan to paint it something really stimulating like red or fuscia. Really. I have a couple of tapestries from a trip to India that I plan to hang in the space, and they are filled with vibrant reds and pinks that I find beautiful. Much more inspiring that this beige and white:

I also plan on investing in a sewing machine and a comfortable chair to sit in while knitting or reading. Maybe I should get a bed too, since I’m starting to think I’ll never want to leave this room!
The house has a lot of great windows, and not a single set of blinds or curtains. So I have it in my head that I could sew some, or buy store-bought panels and dress them up a bit. I’ve done this before in my first house, and really enjoyed it. But I need a sewing machine first! Does anyone have suggestions for a good home sewing machines for beginners?
Since I’m basically starting from scratch I have the opportunity to set myself up for success in the organizational department. I’d like to be able to store my yarn in an artistic way, out in the open where I can see it. What about great storage ideas for yarn and notions?
Alright, I suppose it’s time to tear myself away from the computer and get over there. I have a lot of painting and scraping to do before this dream of a craft room can become a reality!