Booty Call

Just popping in to say a quick “Hello” before settling in for the evening with one of my new skeins of yarn seized at Stitches West.  It was a great trip, full of all the fibery goodness a knitter could ever dream up.  Before packing up yesterday, I decided to take account of my purchases from the weekend.  I had the luxury of being able to go in and out of the marketplace over 4 days; I bought a couple of skeins and notions each day, which lead to a completely distorted idea of exactly how much yarn I had purchased.  It wasn’t until I had it all out at once that the reality of the situation hit me.  That is a lot of yarn.  Beautiful, delicious, can’t-wait-to-knit-with-it yarn.  And I love it all!

My purchases came from the following vendors:

I’ll spare you the full skein-by-skein replay, but if you’re interested in a particular skein just leave a comment or email me and I’ll be sure to let you know where it came from.

Okay, I’m off to wind up some Malabrigo; the two of us have a date tonight!

Yarn Thief

Today I wanted to get caught up on things around here.  This has been a bit of an off week, with both PB and I battling the stomach bug.  Yuck.  There wasn’t much knitting during those dark days, but there was before the sickness struck.  I have been knitting a sweater (I know!), some socks, and a couple of other small gifts.  I wanted to show you photos of everything and tell you how each project was going.  Then this happened.

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There’s a yarn thief in my house.




So, I left the mis-crossed cable and finished up the body and seaming of the vest.  And now I am essentially out of yarn.  This is a problem because there is still a bit of ribbing to knit around the neck and arm holes.  Naturally, my LYS is out of this color, and the nephew’s birthday is Wednesday.  Grrr.  My options now include choosing a contrasting color from my stash or from the same type of yarn at the yarn shop.  I chose this yarn because it is soft and superwash, two things which don’t seem to coincide in a compatible color in my stash.  Looks like I have to buy more yarn…

Good thing we’re headed up to the Webs Tent Sale this weekend.  I just may be able to find something that will work among their thousands of skeins.

Sweetie and PB are gearing up for the event, too.  If you see us, please come on over and say hello!

Have a great weekend, wherever your yarn takes you.

Too Much Yarn?

Is this too much yarn to take on a 7 day trip?

I’m going out of town for a week. This is a trip that will afford me plenty of knitting time waiting in airports, on airplanes, ferries, and in cars. One of the clear bags is backup yarn that will be going in my checked bag. The other will go in my carry on bag and contains two projects. You know, in case I finish one before I get to my destination.

While away, I plan on working on simple pieces like hats, neckwarmers, and fingerless gloves to build up an inventory for an upcoming craft fair I will be doing with Nutmeg Knitter. Since I will be selling my wares, it is important to me that the items I sell are original patterns representing my point of view. So along with all that yarn, I am not taking a single pattern or reference book. This is frightening and thrilling at the same time! I will be relying 100% on my own knowledge and creativity, hopefully being inspired by my surroundings and knitting up a storm.

The good news is, if I run out of yarn or project inspiration, there’s a yarn store or two where I’m going…

Have a great time knitting while I’m away!