Hello, you. Welcome.


I’m Sonia Ruyts.  Creativity coach, serial entrepreneur, and tattooed tv-loving mama of 2.

I am a former pastry chef turned stay at home mama turned creative entrepreneur.  In 2011 I took the leap into small business ownership and opened Stash, a local yarn shop  in Oregon.  Now I’m embarking on a new adventure: coaching creatives who want to take their dreams to the next level.

You see, creativity is my life.

As an influencer in the creative community,  I love empowering others on their creative explorations.

I believe:

  • everyone is creative, and that by tapping into our creativity we can connect with our true selves.
  • making time for yourself is NOT selfish
  • you have something unique to contribute to the world

I view creativity as a mediation, an act of great patience and joy. Creativity allows us to relax, to quiet the chatter of the mind and refocus our energy on something positive, enjoyable, challenging and beautiful.

Creativity is expressed in many forms, and I’m not too picky which form it takes: cooking, gardening, knitting, writing, painting my nails.  As long as I make something every single day I’m happy!
For me, it’s knitting. I can get lost in the meditative, repetitive quality while my subconscious mind turns over the bigger challenges in my life and the world.
Knitting my not be your thing, but you have one, I know you do!  I encourage you to experiment with different projects and find that creative outlet that lights you up!

becerra_photography-48My wife and I live in Western Oregon with our two small children.  We are learning the ropes of this full life together, and enjoying the ups and downs of the everyday.  When I’m not working with my fellow creatives, I’m can be found in the tub reading, baking cookies, playing in the garden, wrangling cats, or daydreaming about my next adventure.

As an influencer in the creative community,  I love empowering others on their creative explorations.  I’ve built a brick and mortar business from the ground up, started a podcast, and written countless articles and ebooks. I know it’s hard and scary. But the best things in life are a little scary and worth the risk!

I’d love to help you on your journey.

Let’s connect!